A sofa is one of the biggest investments in office furniture and also one of the most permanent. There are instances when this is bought for a temporary cause, and it gets demoted from the living room to the basement and finally to the donation foundations. This spur-of-the-moment purchase is still a big part in a person’s life even after ten years passed by. Thus, it is important to know what living room furniture one has to buy.

Determine its sturdiness.

Quality sofas are characterized by being heavy and solid. Lifting it by the corner and shaking it will check its sturdiness. If the sofa is wobbly or light, do not buy. Frames must be made of hardwood that is kiln-dried such as maple, birch, alder, oak, or made of marine or hardwood plywood.

Check the cushions.

Polyurethane foam is the material most cushions are made of. If the foam is dense and heavy, then it will last long. It is nice to check this especially if this is a sectional sofa or an IKEA sofa. Cheap furniture is characterized by filling it with polyurethane foam core. Better quality ones are wrapped with Dacron batting. The best ones have poly-down cushions that have down mixed with the batting.

Check frame and joints.

Best sofas have double doweled joints and fitted with glued and screwed corner blocks. High quality sofas have legs that are part of the frame and are not only attached to it. However, there are instances when it is nicer to have removable feet as it is easier to allow them through doorways.

Steps in Partnering Sofa with Room

Choose sofa with a contoured back, rolled arms, tufted or skirting cushions if the room has a traditional interior.

Contemporary sofas have understated upholstery, fewer flourishes, and cleaner lines. The room’s dimensions such as length, height, and width must be considered as well as that of the sofa’s dimension if they are aligned.

If doubts surround a person, it is possible to have a mock up the floor’s footprint by using a tape of the blue painter or a masking tape. It is great to consider creating a sofa made of empty boxes. It would be better if a person lives with it for a number of days and check how it feels.

There must be large space between the arms if there are plans regarding in spending lots of time reading in the sofa or in taking of naps. The overall length is not the sole indicator but the arms’ width is crucial as well.

Choosing the best sofa might be a tedious task for most people. Reading and following the steps indicated above will make it easier.